Tripp-Lite SMX1500LCD 1500 VA 900 W Line-Interactive-USV - 8 C13-Ausgänge, AVR, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, USB, DB9, LCD, 2-HE-Rack/Turm


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1.5kVA/900W/230V Battery Backup for PC Networks, Security Systems or Digital Signage
The SmartPro® line-interactive SMX1500LCD UPS system with AVR protection provides reliable battery backup and AC power protection against blackouts, brownouts, overvoltages, surges and line noise that can damage valuable electronics or destroy data. The eight-outlet 230V battery backup is ideal protection for home/office workstations, VoIP systems, small business networks and other professional applications, including retail, casino and hotel/motel management.

Allows Time to Back Up Critical Files During a Blackout
Backup support allows you to work through short power failures and gives you enough time to safely save files and shut down your system in case of a prolonged blackout. Backup time varies according to load, but the line-interactive UPS system should keep an energy-efficient desktop computer with small LCD monitor powered as long as 60 minutes. During normal operation, incoming utility power keeps the replaceable internal battery fully charged, so backup power will always be available.

8 C13 Outlets Protect Your Connected Components
Eight IEC 320 C13 outlets provide battery backup, 360 joules of surge protection and voltage regulation for your computer, monitor and other crucial components.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Corrects Low- and High-Voltage Conditions
AVR protects your equipment from incremental hardware damage, data loss and performance problems caused by brownouts and overvoltages. The SMX1500LCD can correct brownouts as low as 144V and overvoltages as high as 282V back to nominal 230V power continuously, all while keeping the battery fully charged and ready to take over in case of power failure.

Combats Line Noise That Can Harm Equipment
EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) are common causes of performance problems and can lead to incremental hardware damage, data corruption and audio/video transmission problems. The SMX1500LCD filters out this disruptive line noise on the AC line, so that it won't affect your equipment.

Designed for High Efficiency to Help You Save Money and Protect the Environment
A 96% efficiency rating reduces BTU emissions, energy consumption and, ultimately, your energy costs.

Alarm and Easy-to-Read LCD Keep You Informed 24/7
The LCD screen indicates input voltage, battery charge level, overload, AVR, on-battery and replace battery status. It rotates for easy viewing in either rack or tower configuration. The audible alarm sounds for power failure, low battery and overloads. You may silence it using the built-in switch or disable it remotely through your PC.

Advanced Communications Ports Allow for Automatic Saves and Shutdowns
RS-232 and HID-compliant USB ports connect to a computer running Tripp Lite's free downloadable PowerAlert® software to enable safe unattended file saves and system shutdown in case of a prolonged power failure. A USB cable is included.

Versatile Installation Options
Hardware is included for mounting the Tripp Lite SmartPro UPS system in 2U of space in an EIA-standard 19-inch 4-post or 2-post rack. It will also stand in a tower position using the included hardware for extra stability. You can rotate the LCD screen to match the UPS' orientation. The unit has a C14 power input that connects to an AC power source with an appropriate cord.

Typische Anwendungsbeispiele

- Protect your PC and other sensitive electronics against power surges, line noise, brownouts, overvoltages and blackouts
- Operate essential equipment during short-term power outages using battery backup power
- Shut down desktop PCs and other equipment without data loss during long-term power outages
- Connect high-end security systems, casino gaming machines or digital signage in a small network

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