Tripp-Lite PDUMV32HV 7,7 kW einphasige Mess-PDU, 200-240 V Ausgänge (8 C19 und 40 C13), IEC-309 32 A blauer Eingang, 3,05 m Kabel, 0-HE vertikal, TAA, 70 Zoll


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The 70-inch (178-centimeter) PDUMV32HV 32A 230V 7.4kW Single-Phase Metered Power Distribution Unit features 48 outlets for distributing single-phase AC power to rack-mounted equipment, including computers, routers, switches and servers.

Outlets are arranged in two separate load banks, each with 24 outlets (4 C19 and 20 C13), a dedicated 20A circuit breaker and a digital meter that reports the bank's real-time output current in amps. The ammeters let you visually monitor each bank and maintain balanced loads to prevent circuit overloads and downtime due to breakers tripping. Special guards prevent the breakers from tripping accidentally. Outlets, breakers and ammeters are color-coded and labeled for easy identification.

An ideal PDU for server rooms, network closets and data centers, the PDUMV32HV's all-metal housing comes ready to mount vertically in your rack using the preinstalled 9 mm buttons or the included hardware. The IEC-309 32A blue input plug with 10-foot (3-meter) cord connects to your facility's compatible AC power source, generator or protected UPS. Included C20 and C14 plug-lock inserts connect to your components' plugs to ensure they remain connected and continuously powered. Use the included ground screw to connect any equipment that requires a chassis ground.

Digital Meters Help Prevent Overloads
- Dual digital ammeters report real-time output current in amps
- Visual monitoring of PDU load level prevents overloading as more equipment is connected

Distributes Plenty of Single-Phase Power
- 32A 230V 7.4kW metered PDU
- 48 230V outlets-24 per bank (4 C19 and 20 C13)-distribute single-phase power to connected equipment
- Dual load banks with separate 20A circuit breakers and digital ammeters
- Special guards prevent breakers from accidentally tripping
- Each bank is color-coded and labeled for convenient identification

Connects to AC Power Source
- IEC-309 32A blue input plug with 10 ft. (3 m) cord for easy connection to main power source, generator or protected UPS
- Included plug-lock inserts ensure components remain connected and powered
- Included ground screw for equipment requiring chassis ground

Easy to Mount With or Without Tools
- Ready for immediate toolless 0U installation using preinstalled 9 mm mounting buttons (spare 2.9 mm and 4.6 mm buttons included)
- Nut-and-bolt vertical installation possible with included mounting hardware
- Use included PDUMVROTATEBRKT mounting accessory for installation with outlets facing rear

- Compliant with the Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for GSA Schedule purchases

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